About theFIX

The FIX is a multidisciplinary clinic and boutique training facility in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. The FIX provides chiropractic care, medical acupuncture and rehabilitation therapy to a diverse clientele, with patients ranging from 10 days to 94 years old! The interdisciplinary health care team at The FIX provides patient-centred, hands-on, evidence-informed treatment through the highest quality, most thorough upstream approach to wellness.

Our Clinic

The clinic has six treatment rooms and a fully equipped boutique gym for rehabilitation.  Borrowing from education, our chiropractors embrace the Gradual Release of Responsibility Framework with rehabilitation, strength, and mobility exercises –  teaching, guiding, collaborating with, and empowering patients so they are able to transfer and apply their learning, moving towards independence in their health journey.

Our Logo Represents What We Do and What We Value

“Friendly and professional… modern with a transformative feel…”

“…the segment of the letters in FIX are indicative of the challenges patients may have physically…through the efforts and guidance of our team, they can achieve their goal of better health…

the negative space between the letters is where the potential lies for each patient…

The FIX is not just a business, but a place to begin a journey to be a better version of yourself…a place to empower patients to see their own potential!”