Dr. Megan McDonald

Doctor of Chiropractic/FIX Founder

My Story

Dr. Megan McDonald (“Dr. Meg”) is a small-town girl, hailing from Summerside, PEI. After graduating from TOSH, Dr. Meg moved to “the mainland” where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics at StFX, and competed in varsity volleyball. She then continued on to upper-Canada where she completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Dr. Meg practiced in Toronto for 4 years after graduation, where she worked at clinics in both the beaches and downtown, working with desk jockeys, professional and Olympic athletes, and was the onset Chiropractor for Mirvish Productions.

After soaking in as many professional opportunities as she could, and working with some of the top health and fitness professionals in Toronto, Dr. Meg wanted to bring her acquired knowledge and skillset back to the “red dirt” (and no offence, Toronto, but real beaches!). In 2016 Dr. Meg moved home, travelling between clinics in Summerside and Charlottetown, running fitness and rehab classes 6 days a week. Dr. Meg wanted to bring PEI a clinic and fitness facility with an upstream approach to healthcare, that was unique to PEI, where movement was truly medicine, and she could utilize her full skillset and vision for healthcare in. Alas, TheFIX was born June 1st 2019!

Dr. Meg is an animal lover, and as a washed-up athlete she gets most of her exercise running from room to room at TheFIX and chasing after her wild toddler, Gabby. Dr. Meg’s workout schedule has fallen down on her priority level after “momming” and business running, but she still enjoys to workout as much as she can. She recently discovered it makes her soul fill with joy to watch all of the lovely plants in theFIX grow! She also loves a good deal, and can frequently be seen browsing Lululemon on Thursday mornings.


(902) 724-3104